Seminar lectures for Promoting International Peace, Leadership, Compassion, Eternal values and Non-violence based on the Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi in Japan from 16th to 26th April 2017
 (An event endorsed by Embassy of Japan in India during 2017 The Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchanges) 


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Mahatma Gandhi is the most well-known Indian in the world today. His birthday on October 2nd is celebrated world over as the International day of Non-violence and is a historic milestone in humanities quest for global non-violence. Gandhi’s life was one of dedication and simplicity, and he valued non-violence and truth as the guiding principles of his life.

The main speaker, Mrs. Shobhana Radhakrishna has the background of having lived in Gandhi Ashram in Sewagram, and is on a mission to take Gandhi’s life and thoughts to people in every corner of the world and spread the message of harmony, peace and non-violence through seminar-lectures so that people put their heart into understanding Gandhi. She has dedicated her life to take socially relevant message of peace, compassion, leadership and non-violence to every corner of the world, to make people understand Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his philosophy of universal brotherhood, peace and non-violence and his Global impact.
In 2009, 2011 and 2014, on the occasion of the International Day of Non- violence she has given talks the Embassy of India in Japan and followed by a series of twenty lectures in various universities and institutions in Japan. 

This year we have confirmation for nine lectures organised by the Nippon Vedanta Kyokai, Zushi-shi, Tokyo, Keio University (Kanagawa Campus), Global India International School in Tokyo, Sophia University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Kansai University, Tsukuba University, Hojin Ongaku No Mori  (NPO) in Nara, Osaka University (Toyonaka campus) and Hiroshima University from 16th April to 26th April, 2017. These lectures have become central to re-emphasise Gandhi’s message of Peace, compassion, leadership and Non-Violence.

The aim of the lectures is to promote better understanding in people of Japan, about Mahatma Gandhi, his work, philosophy and thoughts. It brings the Mahatma to vivid life so as to re-inspire the current generation to engage in International Peace, Tolerance and Non-Violence. Though  in the 21st century, we are facing with a different set of tasks than those of Gandhiji's era, nevertheless it is still highly significant for us to carry on his efforts towards peace, national independence and social progress. This is why one should remember Gandhi ji in the present world. It is well known fact that Mahatma Gandhi’s thought and life can guide the people in any part of the world as it has the strength to inspire and bring about a change.

Tentative itenarary of lecture tour to Japan April 2017
S.No.  Date Day Program Timing  Contact person
1 16/04/2017 Sunday Arrival and Checkin in hotel in Tokyo 11:00  
Lecture on Spirituality and Service to Humanity -  Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi' at Nippon Vedanta Kyokai, Zushi-shi, Tokyo  15:30- 16:30 Swami Medhasananda, President, NVK
Meeting with Mr. Shun Obu  and other dignitaries in the Cabinet Office of Japan  11:30-13:30 Ms.Tamae Saito, SG, SWYAA International 
2 17/04/2017 Monday Lecture at Keio University, Kanagawa Campus, Tokyo on 'Transformational leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and its relevance in contemporary world'  16:30-18:00  Prof Kazushige Shimpo 
3 18/4/2017   Tuesday Lecture at Global India International School , Tokyo on 'Transformational leadership of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi' 10:00 -11:00  Ms. Rajeswary Sambathrajan, Principal
Meeting with Mr. H.Irigaki, Vice President   Mr. S.Yamanka and Mr. Ejima-san DG, JICA HQ in Tokyo 12:30 Mr. S.Yamanka, DG, JICA
Meeting with Indian Ambassdor Shri Sujan R. Chinoy in the Embassy of India, Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo  16:00 Ms. Maunpuii Saiawi , First Secretary
Meeting with members of Discover India Club (DIC) Tokyo at Chiba preferture  18:30-20:00 Dr. Rabinder Malik, President, DIC
4 19/4/2017 Wednesday Lecture at University of Tsukuba, Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture on 'Transformational leadership of Mahatma Gandhi' 18:30-19:30 Prof. Kai Namihara, Kenta-san and Satoru -san
Lecture at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in Tokyo on 'Transformational leadership of Mahatma Gandhi' Time to be decided Prof. Takeshi Fujii
5 20/4/2017 Thursday Lecture at Sophia University, Tokyo on 'Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi'  09:15 - 10:15 Prof. Cyril Valith
6 21/04/2017 Friday Talks at Kansai University  and Elementary School, Osaka on 'Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi' 10:00-16:00 Prof. Kenichi Kubota and Mr. Mashahide Morita
7 22/04/2017  Saturday Meeting with monks of  Shitennoji Temple, Osaka TBD
8 23/04/2017 Sunday Lecture at Nara organized by Hojin Ongaku No Mori  (NPO)
14:30 Ms. Atsuko Arai, President, HONM
9 24/04/2017 Monday Lecture on 'Transformational Leadership of Mahatma Gandhi' at Osaka University (Toyonaka campus) 10:30 AM -12:00 NOON Consulate General of India Osaka -Kobe,    Ms. Kouto Kana 
10 25/04/2017 Tuesday Lecture on 'Transformational Leadership of Mahatma Gandhi ' at TAOYAKA Program Office of Hiroshima University, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima 10:30-12:00
11 26/4/2017 Wednesday Depature from Tokyo to India   11:00 AI 307