Launching of the school sanitation program in government schools in Delhi
(A Joint initiative of SWYAA-India, Discover Japan Club, India and Discover India Club, Japan)

SWYAA-India, Discover Japan Club (DJC), India and Discover India Club (DIC), Japan jointly launched the school sanitation program on 26th February 2015 from 10:30 am to 12:30 noon in the government primary school in Delhi. This program was organized in association with the Municipal Corporation Primary School, Naraina Village, Shift-1 and the Education Department of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Mr. Kubo Satoshi, Second Secretary and Mr. S. Sinha from the Embassy of Japan in India participated in this event. The other participants included Dr. Rabindra Malik, President of DIC and Mr. Masayo Kaneko, member DIC, Mr. Ravi Chopra, President DJC and General Secretary of SWYAA-India, Dr. Unita Sachidanand, Vice President, DIC, Ms. Tomoki Tazawa, member of DJC and Mrs. Shobhana Radhakrishna member of DJC and Chief Executive of SWYAA-India were present. The school officials included Mrs. Gurcharan Kaur, Principal and Mr. Ravinder Kumar, class teacher and eight volunteers from SWYAA-India.

The school Principal and teachers welcomed the guests. One hundred students of class 3rd, 4th and 5th took part in two groups. The activities included Film show on the classroom activities in the Japanese school by Mr. Ravi Chopra, interaction with students by group members on Tokubetsu Katsudou by Dr. Rabindra Malik, talk on Mahatma Gandhi collective sanitation by Dr. Unita Sachindanand, introduction to Japanese script and drawing of figures along with a song in Japanese and in Hindi based on DORAEMON characters, counting in Japanese by Mr. Masayo Kaneko, painting competition, singing of Indian and Japanese Enka song by Dr. Rabindra Malik, Hindi song on cleanliness, role play on sanitation and games by students. The students not only got an opportunity of on-hand training in the Japanese way of meticulously cleaning the classrooms as demonstrated by Mr. Kubo Satoshi and Ms. Tomoki Tazawa.

The pure innocence, boundless energy and extreme happiness of the students from an underprivileged background studying in government schools, who rarely have such occasion of meeting the Japanese nationals, won everyone’s hearts. Children’s expressive faces, eagerness to perform and learn turned these two hours into an unique experience of serenity, joy and pleasure for the Japanese nationals and for all of us equally.

SWYAA-India, DJC and DIC thank the Embassy of Japan in India for their participation and appreciation of the sanitation program.