Rainwater Harvesting

In the recent times drought across Bihar enhanced an already rapid decline in groundwater levels. Since the past five years Gaya district in Bihar has received very little rainfall. The impact study carried out that water was a major issue affecting their livelihood as over the years wells have steadily dried up, canals, ahars were not repaired or being used for growing crops.

Rain water harvesting (RWH) is an option, which has been adopted in many areas of the world where conventional water supply systems have failed to meet the needs of the people.

SWYAA-India undertook the RWH project and constructed 150 roof top harvesting units of 2000 liters capacity for individual households
SWYAA-India's work in the villages to promote community based rainwater-harvesting three Ahars were made functiona in villages Badki Babhani and Badki Padariya. Eight wells were cleaned, repaired and revitalized in Badki Babhani, Badki Padariya, Jahanbigha and Ilra villages by SWYAA-India.