Joint project of SWYAA India and SWYAA NZ
(A campaign to raise awareness and start the conversation to celebrate that its OK to be different…)


‘We all know someone that has been discriminated in some way. We discriminate the nerds for being too smart, the slow learners for being dumb, mental health sufferers for being too weak. Poor are discriminated for their poverty. Being born different or having autism or any other health condition is seen as a barrier.

However, "discrimination" of all forms should be eliminated. This campaign is to raise awareness and start the conversation to celebrate its OK to be different’. - Arish Naresh, SWY27 ,Founder and campaigner of OWD and Vice President of SWYAA New Zealand

Around 169 years ago Barrister  Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi ( Mahatma Gandhi ) decided to act in a nonviolent way to change the hearts of the oppressors  through love force, truth force and soul force when he experienced discrimination and prejudices of un-touchability in India, racialism in South Africa and slavery in India though out his life. He is the role model for us today as a beacon of light to guide us through his life and messages to be the change that you want to see in the world by acting NOW by standing up against injustice... 
SWYAA- India and SWYAA New Zealand are jointly collaborating to begin this journey… inspired by the zeal of Arish Naresh, SWY27, SWYAA New Zealand  who believes standing up against bullying is a strong step towards elimination of wider discrimination in Aotearoa. Arish is the national vice president of the New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils, on the board of trustees for UNICEF New Zealand and has created his own campaign to promote inclusion and diversity. Despite these accomplishments, he still remembers the effect bullying had on him growing up.

SWYAA-India and SWYAA New Zealand will jointly launch the campaign in government primary schools in New Delhi where SWYAA- India works with more than 2000 primary school children in New Delhi through our SWYAA Open School program.  We all face some form of discrimination and the lack of quality education is also a form of discrimination, It does not allow the child to flourish. The future is only brighter when society educates its women and children. I applaud the work of SWYAA India to look after these children in the less privileged communities. This is what OWD is about.

Municipal Corporation Primary school, Naraina village, New Delhi with 600 children of primary classes from 1st to 5th standards 


Talk on opportunity without discrimination
Distribution of notebook and pencil with a message
Odd color socks



Cost sharing 50% by SWYAA NZ and SWYAA India
Per child cost US$1.6

Ravi Chopra