Indian PYs of SWY29

Satya Ranjan Swain
Less than a week to go; and the clock has suddenly decided to run faster. The zeal is to paint varied shades of Indian diversity in the grand odyssey and to translate the Indian impulses on the stage of Japan! As the National Leader, am wearing the Hat of both excitement and responsibility. Starting from coordinating with the Ministry/Embassies/the Cabinet office to taking suggestions from the alumnus and prioritizing or planning events, the ride is an accomplished ecstasy. In addition, the hunt for diverse flavours for the Indian Party, to laying my hands on versatile colours for National costumes & trappings, the entire exercise is all flushed with great fervour and is a pure reminiscence of the Indian diversity. Being an Advocate, it’s a bit difficult to be a long-absentee from the courts; however, am endeavouring to limit the hardship of my clients (the consumers of justice) as less as possible. And lastly, as a Team-India, am eagerly waiting for 17th January.
Anshul Gour
I am Anshul Gour from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I am a Bollywood Dance Choreographer and Social Activist. I teach dance to under privileged kids and I received the President's Award for my Social work. During my work i have interacted with many foreign delegates visiting India and escorted them to relevant tourists’ spots and locations in rural India.This gave me some exposure to International Cooperation. I want to improve and learn more about communicating with the international community. This course will help me do that and I will transfer the skills during my social service activities.
Farhanurrahim Ansari
I am too excited to be a part of this prestigious program! There is lot to learn from the experiences which I’ll get there. It will be my first international exposure where I’ll participate with so many people from other nationalities. It will be an honour to represent my country. I am also excited to make lots of new friends over there! Initially, I was there in the substitutes, but just 10 days before the trip I came to know that I am there in the final twelve. So, there’s lot of work to be done in very less time! Anyways, I am a junior year engineering student who likes to learn about computer Science and play football. I like watching Ozil, Modric, Iniesta, etc play (may be because I play in the midfield that’s why I like midfielders a lot). I also like to listen to music sometimes. I am an Ed Shearan and Coldplay fan. Other than this, I like to hang out with my friends.
Rahul Singh
It was all of sudden that phone ringed…Rahul Singh? This is a call from Ministry of Youth Affairs and you are selected for SWY29.OMG…What to do? Shall I scream or dance? Ha-ha extraordinary moment. But I was terribly scared about the program. But what’s app group, interaction, practice session set me to be in a comfortable zone. Then I reeled back to my life. After 12th I was planned to join Engineering but I realized that, I will not become a good engineer. Finally I choose my interested field Humanities and Social Sciences and admitted in Globalization and Development Studies which taught me how to see the societies in different lens and to understand the multidimensional view point of socio political and economic issues. That was the turning point in my life and this made me to depict my leadership ability and high level of educational achievement. I like to create healthy relationship between people and this thought led me to think about to become a Development Practitioner. I'm fully excited for the progra
Priyanka Agarwal
A few days more!! Excited yes, nervous yes, packed yes, worried no not any more. The very thought of representing India among different countries and working for it boosts up my confidence to another level. Being a student always had the ambition of doing something productive and adventurous and this programme came as the best opportunity we would have. The faith of college authorities in me for bringing glory to college as well as India and granting me holidays for more than one month pushes me to acquire the best of my abilities from this programme. I am a techno-freak, doing bachelor of technology in Computer Science and Engineering but above this lies my passion of travelling and meeting new people, making everlasting bonds of friendship. And that is why I know that this “Ship” for World Youth Leaders is going to be one great memory. Each passing day is making me realize my responsibilities and I am loving the way it is put forth towards me but at the same time nervous about the fact of not being in regular contact with family members and friends. I hope to overcome my weakness and fears and enjoy the tour.Waiting to join the SWY family.
Dr. Anant Raheja
Learning is a dynamic process & one needs to constantly learn from the environment to enable meaningful contributions to the society. Therefore, being a student of technology I try to learn more about it & apply it in real life. I have recently obtained my Ph.D. in the field of polymeric nano-materials and am using my research to develop advanced materials for agriculture & healthcare. For this purpose, we have created FIB-SOL: a spin-off from IIT Madras, developing polymer nanofibers. Personally I love to travel whether it is a simple nature-trail, a rigorous trek, a city tour or even a business trip. Moreover, my work demands frequent field excursions to understand and interact with prospective clients & collaborators. These include individual farmers, plantations, technologists & sometimes even fellow travellers. This network of people has helped me grow as a human being & a technologist. They have taught me that even tiny innovations can bring a huge change in the socio-economic & sometimes even political attitudes of a society. Therefore, for me, an opportunity of participating in SWY29 was a wish-come true! I look forward to this beautiful learning experience! ....
A daily routine of going to lab for doing experiments within four walls and a life on a ship with people all around the world, what a huge difference! Isn’t it? The former life is socially exclusive whereas latter is highly inclusive. Research is my profession whereas meeting people and interacting with them is my hobby. As a researcher, I am always excited to explore micro-world of molecules and wonder to see the complex, yet systematic work environment at the cellular level. Along with micro world, the macroworld consisting of people too interests me to a very great extent – hence I see myself as a social worker. When I try to extrapolate the cellular work ethics at a social level, I fail to see the proper coordination most of the times. Now, through this SWY29 program, my expectation of seeing an efficient social-coordination is going to come true. This is the longest ever holiday I am taking in my student life and thanks to my mentor, who is one of the wonderful human beings on the earth to grant me such a long leave, I am able be one among the amazing people all around the world. My parents are very happy for me, but worried simultaneously as I will not be able to call them for days. My siblings and friends too are very excited to see me off for the trip. I am going to miss my family but I am sure of enjoying at the SWY29 family too. I hope to do well with my excellent Indian delegates’ team and represent my country at a global platform with high spirit
Aniket Ovhal
I am AniketOvhal, from Mumbai , India. I have completed my Bachelor's in Sciences specialized in Information Technology (IT) from the University of Mumbai in 2013. Then I did my Masters in Computer Sciences from the University of Mumbai. Now I'm doing Masters Of Arts from the University Of Mumbai I see myself as young dynamic spirited student leader and proud member of the World's Largest student organization AkhilBharatiyaVidyarthiParishad -ABVP. I am associate with ABVP since my University days . ABVP has been a prime motivator of my life and I consider it as vibrant platform to inculcate leadership qualities through gaining practical experiences by engaging with students across educational institutions in social, political, educational policy related issues. This brain storming experiences inculcate thinking in students life and shapes his leadership qualities in constructive manner. I love to travel, meet people, understand culture, behavior. Also I believe in understanding root causes social issues in order to get it solved from young generation rather than cynically criticizing the system. I like to participate in debate, elocution and related development activities to nurture and grow my quest for knowledge which I feel important aspect of student life & build effective personality & leadership qualities. I look forward for this student engagement platform provided by Ministry of Youth Affairs will surely give me exposure and opportunities to learn and relearn with
Avilah Panda
My village got wholly electrified in the year 2010, where I went for hostel for my higher studies in the year 2008.Before that only half of the village was electrified. Only one family had television at that time and that was ours. I witnessed the crowd in Monday and Tuesday nights to watch the epic series; Mahabharata and Ramayana in the TV. The poor kids and also the rich in the opposite part of my village which was lacking electrification, used to study in our home. I seldom found my home was filled with my family members only! So to live inside a crowd is a habit of mine since childhood and we were taught to accept the whole society as our family by my grandmother. Childhood was full of fun and adventure; to catch crocodile or water snake was the game we were playing then. The last memory of my village which was surrounded by mountains and river is it was half luminous in the dark nights. The river of our state named Mahanadi has become most wide while crossing my village and the highest peak of my district is covering my village from the other side. When I entered my youth in 2011, Indian society was witnessing a mass movement; “India against corruption” and fortunately during that time I came in contact with some ABVP (AkhilBharatiyaVidyarthiParishad) activists. ABVP is the largest student organisation of the world which is working for the society. It has thirty three lakh members, I led the youth against corruption and subsequently organised the successful and massive rally. Then in 2012, I contested for Student Union in my University and got elected. Then I studied law simultaneously working in ABVP. The life of ABVP full-timer activists inspired me. By seeing that they are living their life for the society by leaving their home and impressed by the “my career for my nation” call of ABVP, I chose to become a full-timer. I am drawing immense satisfaction from my work. I am also pursuing LLM in SOA University, Bhubaneswar. My religion and culture teach me to accept all religions as true and regard each culture as it is .This tour is really going to help me to check myself out whether I have learnt the teachings well or not. I am sure that I will be having some true friends across the globe in the coming 45days. BasudevaKutumbakam ; the whole world is a family Jay Hind
Mankaran Sandhu
I amMankaranSandhu , Studying Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from RV College Bangalore. I am a social worker and have helped extensively in Kashmir floods in relief and rescue operations. I have had the opportunity to study in various schools across the country due to my father’s frequent transfers, which helped me get to see the vast diversity and culture of India. I am a travelholic ! I love travelling!! I started travelling at a young age of 2 to countries all over the world including some less visited ones like Sierra leone in West Africa ,Bosnia and Herzegovina in South eastern Europe. This gave me an opportunity to see the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo where the First World War started also while travelling through Kenya I was able to put each of my foot on either side of the equator. Through a number of these small experiences i was able to learn and get a better insight of the world which is far beyond the scope of our Textbooks. I plan to join the Civil Services because India being a developing and welfare oriented nation, I would get the opportunity to get involved in formulation and implementation of national policies, which gives a civil servant ample opportunity of problem solving, innovating ,leadership and bringing ideas to life. Which is the main objective of SWY29. This will help me make India grow to even greater heights. As the Assistant National Leader India, I would get to interact with the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzō Abe, This would be a once in a life time experience for me.. We are very Thankful to the Government of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs) and Government of Japan for this prestigious opportunity at Ship for World Youth Leaders we all will make the most of this and make INDIA Proud!
Krishna Priya
Chukkchukk…chukkchukk…chooo….choooo.. The train has reached in which I have to go…but still I am dreaming about becoming a well known psychologist..receiving boccay!!….it was around 11AM, suddenly my phone vibrated, Krishna Priya this is from ministry of youth affairs and you are selected for SWY29.Then I was like ..sir, pardon me!! He repeated, then for some while everything was mum, even I was not able to hear the horn of the train. I tried to exclaim, but the words just wouldn’t come out... couldn’t breath …coudn’tthink..what to do next? Run to mom? Call friends? Totally confused…..But after realizing the truth the train went off the rails…haha.. As a student from the field of psychology I love observing, interacting with new people and I realized that psychology is the best field I have chosen for mycareer. Serving my life as a psychologist to the society is my dream. Now, this programme is a great opportunity to show my talent and I thank everyone those who helped me to be a part of this programme. My parents, friends,teachers all are very happy for me. I hope can explore different countries and enjoy with those amazing people all around the world.