Indian PYs of SWY 30


Learning is a very rapid process and it can come to us in any manner. I am privileged to fill the esteemed position of the National Leader of SWY 30. The delegation is a varied mixture of young and energetic souls and i had the task of being the perfect friend, guide and communicator. From being a humble professional to becoming the National leader has been the biggest transition for me. Yet I had to do it with utmost care, dignity and with a constant reminder of my responsibilities

An advocate by profession and an independent research scholar, I had the hard task balancing work, research and planning for our much awaited Japan trip. Donning many hats and having the great responsibility of representing India, its diversity and its cultures in good colours, I was too excited and nervous at the same time. Constant co-ordination with the Indian officials, the Cabinet office in Japan and with my other PY’s, I had the opportunity to lead, learn and experience good leadership and management skills. Dancing to varied tunes of Indian and Bollywood songs was another task at hand.

Being a certified Yoga trainer has also helped us establish a yoga club on the ship and we are too excited to offer as much as we can to our other delegates from the world. Our mad hunt for bringing together the best tastes, varied cultures and diverse costumes of India for showcasing onto a common platform was a complete roller coaster ride. I not only had the role of being a good motivator but also had to bring out the best in each of the PY’s and encouraging them to pursue what the loved the most on the trip. Apart from professional commitments, I truly enjoy writing and travelling through the natures has always been my best interest

Finally, I believe that this trip shall be life changing and open many more doors for leading, learning and uniting for a better world.

Sandesh Jaju

I am Sandesh Jaju, residing in New Delhi, India. Professionally, I am a Chartered accountant and currently pursuing Chartered Financial Analyst, Further, i have founded a company recently and trying my hand at entrepreneurship.

Identifying the key trends in the development of economy and accounting through history, environmental influences on business and evolution of business to modern times have been my areas of interest. I have been a stock-market enthusiast since the time I have entered the commerce profession.

Also, I like to read in order to gain knowledge about topics that concern environment, culture, spirituality and mythology. Reading about Indian epics and embracing Indian culture is not only my hobby but also something that I like sharing through different forms of art that is poetry writing and story-telling.

Furthermore, I would always take out time from my schedule for sports and trekking. It keeps me healthy and I believe it is a way of connecting with people and building teamwork. Basketball, Swimming, Cricket and Soccer are ones that I play.

Divya Goswami:

I am mazed at the sudden turn in my life.I still remember that call which brought extreme happiness in my life.As an ANL, I am excited as well as feel the sense of responsibility to represent the land of such great cultural and social diversity.I am hoping to learn a lot from the experiences which I'll get there .It will be my first international exposure where I'll participate with so many people from other nationalities.It will be a great honour to represent my country.

I am also excited to make new friends there and also to learn different cultures of the world.As I belong from the medical field with a daily routine of going to lab and performing experiments within four walls and an open life on a ship with people all around the world,it’s really a huge difference!!!!

As a student of science I like exploring nature and as a social activist I like knowing, understanding and interacting with different people.I am really excited to be a part of SWY30 program and equally expect to learn lot of things which will help me in my life.This is the longest duration ever that I'll be away from my family and friends.I am surely going to miss my family but I am sure that I'll make a wonderful family too.I hope to do well with excellent Indian delegates and represent my country at a global level with high spirit.

Abhinav Singh Verma:

Healer by profession, a medical graduate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, I Dr.Abhinav Singh Verma am proudly participating in this program and working in the capacity of administrator from the Indian team.

Apart from my academics, I have been quite active in social welfare. I had organized fund raiser (medical symposium for school students) for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. I was also bestowed upon with Herculean responsibility of being the Chief Coordinator of the South East Asia’s largest socio-cultural literary sports festival, PULSE 2015 at AIIMS.

I am also a keen participant of many Model United Nations (MUNs) and thus gained an immense interest in International relations. As the participant of Lifestyle Diseases project, I aim to have healthy cross cultural communication to find out ways of making an impact on global health.

Vishal Mulchandani:

I am Vishal Mulchandani from Surat, Gujarat and I am 22 year old. I am currently in my final year, pursuing my M.Tech in Geophysics from IIT Roorkee. I am currently doing my dissertation research in fields associated with Oil and Gas Industry.

I am also a National Level Trap Shooter, and have received the Sardar Patel Award (Jr) (one of the highest Sports honors from my state). 

I love to travel, to explore new places, make new friends and share ideas. I was born and brought up on the west coast of India, and currently live on the foothills of the Himalayas. I guess that’s the reason, be it long, serene walks on the beach or adventurous treks in the hills, I love both equally.  Also, I absolutely love tea.

Harmanjot Gill:

I’m studying bachelor’s in laws from Panjab University Chandigarh and I did my graduation in arts (Political Science and Sociology) from SGGS college, Chandigarh. I am an active youth leader and am associated with various youth related activities for overall personality developmentof young people. Previously I was President Student union in SGGS college Chandigarh in 2013.

I was associated with many movements which gave a new constrictive direction to Indian society such as India against corruption moment by AanaHazare and Justice for Nirbhya.

Being a student youth leader, I always love to meet new people from different societies and of different civilizations. I love to understand values of their culture and try to learn their positive outcomes so that I can contribute it to my country to make this world more beautiful.

Neeraj Kumar:

I am Neeraj kumar from Patna(Bihar) India and I am a student as well as social activist.I am a regular Voluntary Blood donor and I also provide Blood to needy patient in all over India with the help of my Blood commando group and my friends .On 21st December I received National service scheme award for the year 2016-17 for my social work.

During my work I had interacted with many people of various fields and gained lots of experience during my work .I want to learn and Improve more about interacting with international community and I know that this exchange program will finally help me to improve my quality and I will also transfer the skills during my Social service.

Navratan Sain:

I am Navratan Sain from Jaipur rajasthan India. I am a social activist & national youth volunteer at Nehru yuva Kendra sangthan, an autonomous body of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.I am working at the panchayat samite, Jalsoo Jaipur & office of district Youth coordinator Nehru yuva Kendra Jaipur Rajasthan India.

My past experience of leadership was working as youth volunteer in NYKS,NSS(national service scheme) &youth development activities in rural area of Rajasthan, India. During my work i have interacted with youth & women creating youth club in rural area of Jaipur district of Rajasthan.

After then doing so many activities with help of local youth leaders, PRI's and building good environment for their empowerment & public awareness. My leadership abilities are vast vision, courage, humility, good planner, cooperative, passionate, dedication.

I received the best youth and social worker volunteer award for my social work & best youth awareness social responsible person award of social sector rural youth & women empower. My special accomplishment is participating & coordinating YuvaJagrti Gaurav Yatra campaign. This Yatra covered more than 50 villages Jaipur district of Rajasthan and created awareness in more than 30000 rural villagers for their rights and Government schemes. I volunteer & coordinate in the national youth volunteer training, capacity building training on life skill, 9th & 10th tribal youth exchange programme, training of youth leadership and community development programme, water parliament programme, NSS special 7days camp & training of youth volunteer etc.

Sudha Tiwari:

I am Sudha from Haryana and I am a student as well as Social activist .I had participated in Republic day parade last year on 26th January 2017.

I provide free coaching classes to needy children.During my social work I had visited to many places across my country and I had interacted with many foreign delegates visiting India in exposure to International cooperation and I want to improve and learn more about communicating with the International community.

I know this journey will help me to do that and I will also transfer the skills during my social activities and looking forward very eagerly for this trip ahead.

Monika Bisht